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May 13, 2017

The View

Recently, I joined a couple of friends on a little mini road trip to Pennsylvania and Delaware.  I currently live in a somewhat remote area of Maryland, very close to the border with these States, so it's not unusual for me to take a wrong turn and be in a different State, but this little trip was on purpose.  Visiting with friends is always my favorite thing to do, and meeting new people, even though I'm always THE introvert in a group is good for the Soul.  We laughed so hard and saw some beautiful areas.  I live in horse country now, the view from the new studio is all trees and fields, truly beautiful, and when you're in a car traveling by, you can really see all the horses, llamas and alpacas farms (which are plentiful), valleys and land for miles.  I usually carry a camera with me now, just because.  For a few years I didn't, because I wasn't feeling inspired to take photos - it was my "job", one I really didn't enjoy, and I had gotten out of the habit of bringing a camera along on my personal time.  I usually had my phone, but hardly took any photos.  I didn't own my own photos, and I was just clicking a button for someone else.  Just a sad way for an artist to make a living, and it stripped me of any creativity I had left.

Forward a year back to being a freelancer, and there is a joy, a NEED, to take photos again.  So much to discover, a story to tell, a way to connect with people on a level that is so very familiar to me - also, my run with mortality lately inspired me to record more of my surroundings, where I have been and what I have seen - I photographed people for such a long time, and neglected to take into account where I photographed them.  So, here's a snippet of my day in photos, what I saw, and how I saw it.


May 04, 2017

Road Trip

Road Trip
A while ago, I decided that I was overdue for a road trip - I didn't know where or when, but I was determined to jump in my car and vis...


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