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December 31, 2014

2014 Highlights

Another year has gone by... What?  365 days.

If I didn't have photos to review, it would be a blur - happiness, work, loss, love, family, friends - photography always there to remind me of the blessings, even through the heartaches.   And 2014 brought experiences that made me grow and connect with people on a profound level.

So, 2015, what do you have in store for me?  I don't know, and yet I'm excited for the possibilities.  Every day is a gift, one to cherish and share with others.  I am fortunate enough to be able to show people what I see, but that's a fraction of what I experience.  My intention to connect more is strong, very strong.  Which always leads to more photography, because that's how I express my intention.

Looking back at this year, it started as usual, in the studio at 2-10, where LIVE was recording the new album, The Turn.

Long hours of hard work, but so many moments of happiness... The moments of creation, crazy ideas, coffee and music, all shared in this remarkable studio.  Spending time with people I love and admire, and getting to see their creative process was truly inspiring.

A very bearded Shinn and a giant cup of coffee at some point in the middle of the night.   Because coffee is everything.

We were then off to Indianapolis for the unveiling of the race car sponsored by UFD and LIVE

Got to spend some time at Andretti Autosport and take portraits of all the drivers and staff, which amounted to a crazy couple of days of continuous shooting.  Here are some of the final shots.

James Hinchcliffe
Carlos Munoz
Ryan Hunter-Reay

Aaaaaaand back to York

where the always fun Tom Lord-Alge and I had a great time coming up with promos for press.  Tom is an amazing producer, engineer and mixing genius.  Don't know where he keeps all his Grammys and awards, he must have a dedicated room in his house...

we scrapped this one for obvious reasons.

Long nights with Chad Taylor (coffee - do you see a trend?) and THE Jerry Harrison.  It was freezing outside and driving home in the middle of the night was treacherous, but who cared.  I got to spend my waking hours with these people?  Sign me up.

Listening to the first mix of one of the songs.  Over and over and over until it was perfect.


TLA rocking out.

And so the month of  February went by - with more coffee than a human should ingest (said no musician ever)

but not before taking advantage of an empty Studio A and taking a few photos of this amazing place - one of which would become the cover of MIX Magazine a couple of months later...

Soon to be filled with all of Everclear's gear to record their new album.  And guess who got to document that?

Followed by shooting the promo for the UFD Girls - enjoy the view, fellas...

and some promos for Evolution Power Yoga and The Africa Yoga Project

Wait, back in studio with Everclear

Long nights meant I got to take this night shot of York, which ended up in YRK magazine.

I think this is when I really fell in love with York.

April brought some promos for Z-Plus - a "just-because" photoshoot so I can exercise my craft... this was so much fun, I want to do it again...

Soon to hop on a plane to Long Beach for an Indy race

and a Yellow Party

where Ryan wore a dress

and I got to hang out in the pit during the race

different kind of pit than I'm used to!

And WHO's at the Grand Prix?

Back in the pit with Roger Daltrey - kind of an unreal moment for me.

Back to York and Everclear in studio - where Art reminds me that coffee is everything.

And I shoot John Legend at the Strand for YRK magazine

and LIVE rehearsals in Studio B

Back to Indianapolis for the Indy 500

where I also shot LIVE's concert

and the new promo for the UFD Girls (a 30 second photoshoot in the middle of the festivities)

not to mention the whole day

And this is just through May.... hang in there....

Back to York, where the lovely Dana Alexandra was recording her album at Think Loud Studios....

with the ever so kind and amazing Christopher Thorn

But wait... LIVE is shooting a video - off to get some stills....

Back in studio, shooting Christopher Thorn for YRK magazine

and friggin' dying with Davey Dennis and Christopher because the shoot was hilarious...

And then, I shot the cover of the new LIVE album - The Turn (see previous blog entry for a full description)

At this point, I'm jonesing for some concert shooting, and we're off to Atlantic City!

Time to shoot some promos for the new album

What do you say, 100 degrees, old warehouse, leather jackets?  Done!

Back to York, shooting the cover for YRK magazine

those are my sunglasses.

and a feature

and some jewelry

Are you tired yet?

Me too... let's shoot for fun

Oh, look!  Some of my photos went up in the memorabilia room!

Aaaaaand back in the studio with Everclear

Hi Art!

Missed all these guys!

And back to YRK magazine... let's shoot a music feature on Ralph Real, shall we?

this was fun!

And the York College shoot was a blast

And back in Studio B for rehearsals... tour is coming up....

Speaking of which, we need new promos

And now, tour!

New York City

Los Angeles



Antwerp, Belgium


Rolling Stone Festival, Germany


And back to the States!


and Lancaster... whew....

Aaaaaand back to York - where Le Project is recording in Studio A - whaaaaaa?  Kevin Martin?  YES!  Hi.  Let's play.

So many moments, so many smiles.  I can't even wrap my head around it all - thank you for making it this far and reading through this mega entry, and here's to a fantastic 2015, full of music, friends, family and more love!!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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