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May 18, 2015

My Learning Time

I have learned a lot in these past few weeks.  Mainly, people who love you don't really care what you look like, stress will take off the pounds like nothing else in the world, and that the way I have been shooting for the past few decades is a thing of the past.  The way my scar affects my left eye (my squinting eye when I shoot) makes it almost impossible for me to shoot the way I used to - i.e. I need to keep both eyes open most of the time or I will get a hell of a migraine.  I have been teaching myself photography all over again, focusing without using LiveView (the display screen on my digital camera, used as a view finder) has been a challenge.  Try it, try to focus your camera with both eyes open.  Or, worse yet, try to switch your focusing eye.  OMG, what the hell?  No, that will never work.  Everything out of focus, framing out of whack, you get the picture (forgive the pun).

SO, long story short, I have been using every single spare minute re-training myself - every night, faithfully, I grab my camera and shoot something for a couple of hours.  At first, I was so discouraged, I didn't think I could do it.  My photos were like those of a beginner.  Then, I was all like "screw it, I'll take the migraine", shot for a while the way I was comfortable and... nope, migraines are no fun.  Back to square one.  Learn my camera again... and, guess what?  I fell in love with photography again.

Because I needed to think more about what I was doing, I realized that my technique improved.  I photographed food at nauseam (I'm the queen of puns today) and fell in love with that kind of photography, so much so that I invested in all sorts of props for food photography and got to shoot  the food section for YRK Magazine's next edition.  Only a couple of migraines, no biggie.  And I loved every second of it.

The real test was going to be shooting a concert again.  With more anxiety than facing a math test, I photographed Jeff Beck when he came to town.  At the end, I felt like I was going to throw up.  The lights, the fact that I only had 4 minutes, the anticipation, and I forgot all my re-training.  I got the shot, and a hell of a migraine.  That was not going to work.

Back to training my hand-eye coordination again, again and again and again.  Testing things with Israel Nash when he came to York last Friday night.   Step back in time a week, while I was re-learning my camera, I dorked around with video for a minute or two.  Never really did any video work before (does iPhone count?), so I did't know what the hell I was doing, but alas!  I was having so much fun with the guys in the band, shooting a couple of promos, then the concert, that I thought... "why not?" when I accidentally switched on LiveView... little video?  Pfffft, sure.  I was in a great mood and felt like it.

So, here's the WORLD PREMIERE of my video skills.  Joey is an amazing guitar player and he makes me look good.

A couple of nights ago I also shot another LIVE concert, and felt like I was home again.  I have missed music and my brothers SO MUCH, more than I can explain.

As far as all the photos I referred to in this entry, you can grab a copy of the Summer edition of YRK after July 4, or wait until I can post some here... don't want to steal my own thunder!  HA!

And as far as my healing process goes, it's going.  There are days I totally forget, and others I really can't stop thinking about it.  All I know is that I am grateful for all the prayers, help and hugs I received - everyone should be so lucky to have the support I did and the love I received.

In Gratitude,
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