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December 31, 2018


2018 was one of those years… In review, it was quite full and genuinely one of those years in which personal growth and vision were expanded to new heights.  On a personal note, heartbreak and the loss of someone I loved dearly made me appreciate my friendships even more.  And made me realize how deep I truly love.  Not only people, but what I do.  There is something that photography gives me that nothing in the world could possibly replace - it gives me work, but also peace.  Truly grateful for my learning time.

January came and went so fast, it made me spin a little.  I worked the yearly corporate event with Premier and met some amazing people.  Also, FUN people.  

Of course, the whole time I was also deep in the On Being Woman project, and had three or four sessions a day - discovering more about my process as a photographer and my purpose as a woman.  

When I needed a little break, I flew to Phoenix to stay on a ranch for a few days and regroup - my friends welcomed me with open arms and being in the presence of so much love, beauty and warmth gave me sanctuary.  The sun on my face felt good.  I barely took any photos at all, but still managed to capture a couple to remind me of this time.

Forward a couple of weeks, back to Colorado, working on the Project (of course) and some food photography.

And some headshots.  One of my favorite people in the whole world launched her voice over business and I couldn’t have been more honored to be a small part of developing an image for her website.  I am inspired by her talent every day.

More work on the Project and then worked for The City and County of Denver to photograph Jazz Fest.  Funny thing, when I lived in Denver, I would go every year, to listen to some great music, eat myself stupid and take a few photos.  To be hired by the City to document it now is a dream come true.  Although it was super cold, rainy and gloomy, Denver sure knows how to throw a party and people came to have fun.  

I ran into some long lost friends and colleagues, and it felt great to be back “home” 

Soon after, one of my best friends in the world got married, so I flew to Charlotte NC for the wedding and a few days of music, thrifting and, well, a new tattoo found a place on my arm.  Hey, you know, things happen.  Anyway, reconnecting with my friends under the happiest energy was a gift.  I was so happy I could burst.

Back to Colorado, and worked night and day on the project, which had its opening in July.  I could not have imagined how much love and appreciation for photography came my way from this.  I think my cheeks hurt for weeks after the show because I had a perma-grin on my face.  

Doing what I love is what is most important to me.  Traveling, connecting with people, photography… that is my life.  I appreciate it so... And one of the places I feel most at home is on a ranch somewhere, horses, buffaloes, dogs, cowboys, you name it - it’s natural, easy.  So, I put on my favorite cowboy hat and headed to a ranch in Wyoming.

And then, to a ranch in Colorado, where more friendships were made and got to meet these two.

I also started to experiment with photography a bit more

and I started to show my paintings.  I never thought I would, but all of a sudden, I felt comfortable with it, with who I am as a person, as an artist.  And I can’t even photograph them and keep them in stock, as they are selling faster than I can make them.  LOL.  Who knew?

In the meantime, working on promos for a fantastic singer took me back to my beloved Colorado mountains, more horses, and an album cover (which will be revealed once the album comes out) - but here’s a little promo

 I mean, really.  

And just like that, my favorite Season of the year made Summer a memory.  And I started to Fall.  Hard.  I just LOVE Fall and everything that goes with it.  The colors, chilly weather, sweater, boots, EVERYTHING.  It makes me dream and feel all the possibilities. 

And it’s also my favorite time to take family photos.  Which is when I reconnected with some of my really good friends  and we had such a great day just living life.  

And then, back to the ranch in AZ, for an extended stay with people I love with all my heart, more horses, dogs, desert, thrifting, photography, ropings, practice, and health.  Just to be healthy, free, working… it’s happiness.  And laughing with my sister until we both cried, well, that was priceless.

And now back to Colorado, more ranch life, and I am blessed with more friendships and getting hugs from Wynter.  

So, what’s in store for 2019?  BIG changes, lots of newness - stay tuned.  But what will remain the same is my love for my family, photography, friendships that last a lifetime and, of course, my love for traveling.  And a little more painiting.  

Whatever your love is, embrace it, fully, in 2019.  Cherish the hard moments because those are the ones that make you appreciate everything else.  When you live your life on purpose, everything has a purpose.  Sending much love to everyone reading this, and may your Light shine bright in 2019.  xoxo, LDG


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