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April 12, 2019

Back on the Road

It's been a minute, I know.  Truth is, life was pretty busy, crazy, what else is new?

After some time spent on the ranch in Arizona, I came back to Colorado and moved once again.  This time, back to Denver!  Yes, I move a lot, it's something I am trying to change in my life, and realized that a big part of it is due to missing the road.  I have traveled quite a bit this past year, but there was something not right in my life.  

Forward a month after moving, things still in boxes and most of my stuff in storage, I'm standing in my new bedroom trying to find something to wear to a shoot and I get a text message.  "Going on tour, I'd like you to come".  

Chris Shinn and I have been friends for years, really good friends.  We established a bond while touring with another band, and had many adventures all over the world.  We also had very similar heartbreaks that bonded us even more.  So, when he sent me that text, I immediately said "I'd love to" - I didn't think about what I was saying yes to, I was all in.  I wanted to have another adventure.

I flew into Charlotte, NC, where Chris, his amazing wife Katie and I took off for our adventure the next day, along with Jeremy (tech extraordinaire).  Off to Philadelphia, where we were joined by the rest of the band in a BEAUTIFUL house/mansion in the middle of Philly.  My goodness, what an incredible space.  

I could go on and on in words about what seeing old friends felt like, what touring with Blind Melon was like, but there are no words.  It was amazing to see old friends, feel that camaraderie about being on tour, one city after the next, rehearsals, sound checks, enormous amounts of coffee, tired bodies, exhilarated Souls.   I truly didn't think i would ever be able to have such a happy experience touring again.  But the hugs from fans who came from all over to see Chris, support him, so excited to see him on stage again, just meant the world.  I got a few too.  

I like to be behind the lens, it's my comfort zone, it's my passion and my purpose.  I capture things that go by way too fast and record everything that catches my eye, so when it's over, everyone has a repository to go back to, and see what happened.  The energy of touring is one that unites and bonds.  But the days/nights go by SO FAST.  The musicians are pulled in many different directions, and night after night, things get a little blurry.  So, it's my job to record what I see, for them, for their families, for the fans, and for myself too.   My life goes at the speed of light on the road.  But then I have the time to reflect and see it all again as I edit.  And it is just an amazing life.  So, so very grateful to Chris, Blind Melon, and all the people who took this journey with me...  to the next one.

Here's a link to some of the photos from this tour.  I'd love to know how these make you feel.

Shinn/Blind Melon Tour, March 2019

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