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June 29, 2013

I suck at blogging

Seriously, I suck.  It's been a month and this is my first post since the LIVE ad went... live.  It has been a whirlwind of a month and I have an excuse, kinda, sorta.  The second week in June I joined LIVE on the Summerland tour, as LIVE's house photographer.  My job?  Documenting life on the road, concerts, behind the scenes.  As you can imagine, I'm a little kid in a candy store and can barely keep up with editing - I have already filled two external hard drives and have to get a few more as we still have about a month of touring ahead of us.
Things have been great - this is my home for Summer.

How do I feel seeing my photos on the tour buses?  There are no words.  It's a dream come true to be on this Journey with people I love and admire.  It's bringing my photography to a different level, I literally feel my work becoming more intimate, intense, better.  I see things I didn't notice before.  When you're surrounded by talent, 24x7, you want to be at that level as well.  I feel like I'm growing, pushing myself night after night to do something I haven't done before, find a different angle, share what I see in the most respectful and original way.  We still have a month left on tour, and I don't know what I'll see, what I'll share, what experiences will come my way, but I'm excited to get up every day and be in a different city, with a group of people that push my game to a higher level.  Everyone on tour, from crew to the other bands, has been nothing but supportive of each other, helpful and kind.  It's a vibe I cherish and intend to keep in my heart.  

Here's some of my work from the tour so far.  It's all going too fast... 

Much, much more to come... stay tuned...
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