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April 10, 2017

Vineyard Love

No surprise here, I was born and raised in Italy, and I love wine.  But more than the actual wine itself, I love the land and the work that goes into producing the wine.  I remember my father making wine in the cellar, that was his peaceful time, a time to take refuge in the coolness of the dark cellar, away from the scorching Italian sun outside.  The smell of freshly stomped grapes, the relief from the heat, the time I got to spend with him in silence... all great memories.

A couple of weeks ago I did a shoot that reminded me of those days.

So, yesterday I took a trip to Paradocx Vineyard in Pennsylvania, because I can't get enough of this wonderful connection with the land and wine, and also because a dear friend and owner of Farm Stand Soaps was participating in the vineyard's first artisanal event of the season.  I wanted to take my Fuji X-T2 out for a field test and this was the perfect setup - beautiful day, rolling hills, wine.

Alas, I only took a few shots, because... wine!  Did I mention wine?  I'm such a light weight these days...

But let me just say that I absolutely LOVE the XT-2 - I had some reservations about it because I just couldn't get with the X-Pro1 I had a few years ago... I was just too used to my Nikon's lack of shutter lag and I just kept on missing the moment.  But having the x100T as my trusty take-everywhere camera made me really fall in love with Fuji - after I read about a million reviews, I decided to trade in one of my Nikons (no, the D5 stays, it's a keeper) and go for the X-T2.

And the love affair continues.  Everything about this camera so far is a dream.  And being able to carry it with me everywhere is making me wish for more traveling, adventures, and far away places... all in time...

Here's a sample of what I saw, how I saw it and was able to capture it with this little jewel.

So, moral of the story is - find what you love, do what you love and be happy.  Because that's what Life intended for you.  xoxo


April 08, 2017

Rainy Days...

Rainy Days...
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April 02, 2017

Spring is Here!!!

Spring is Here!!!
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