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May 19, 2020

Getting Through It

Isolation is nothing new to me, but I realized lately that I, too, was falling into a really dangerous pattern.  I wake up in the morning, early, I get up, I think about all the things I want to do, have coffee and then… slowly the day turns into a Groundhog Day that has me in tears and hopeless at the end of the night.  I couldn’t get out of it, pneumonia or not, I just repeated the same hopeful to hopeless pattern every day.  

So I started to implement a few things that might help you if you feel this way too.  

I wake up, I have my coffee, shower, put fresh, clean clothes on, check FB for exactly 15 minutes and shut it off.  

I read the news for another 15 minutes and then shut that off too.  By this time, I still feel pretty good.  

I take all my supplements and move my body.  I then answer the difficult emails and do some admin tasks, leaving the “good stuff” for later.  I have breakfast, fresh fruit.  I do all the chores I need to do (laundry, dishes, cleaning) while I still feel good.  

By noon, the mood starts to change - this is when it’s important to be in tune with your body and with your mind.  I sit outside for 15 minutes, get some vitamin D and hear the birds sing.  After that, I come back in and meditate in a quiet space.  I used to meditate first thing in the morning, but now I see how it’s what sets up the rest of my day for success, so that takes me to around 2 pm. 

After meditation and feeling grounded, I have something to look forward to.   I have a salad for lunch, mindful eating. I return any phone calls or answer any emails that I consider “good stuff”.  This takes me to about 4 pm.  

Sometimes I bake for friends, make dough or something that I love to eat. Then I either paint or put pen to paper and start writing in my journal or work book ideas for work that is meaningful and fulfilling, and peruse articles of interest, do research and send inquiries.  It feels rejuvenating.  I even picked up my camera for fun again, it helps me see.

At about 6 I have a protein shake and continue doing something I love and that makes me look forward to tomorrow or next week or next month, connecting with like minded individuals. 

At around 8 I watch some Italian comedy show my brother sent me.  I read a little, and lights out.  I switched my routine a lot, trying to find something that works to keep me “me”.  To keep creative and hopeful, engaging the mind and body into a healthy pattern.  

I hope this helps, the way up can be beautiful.


May 13, 2020

Five Points Jazz Festival

Five Points Jazz Festival
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