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May 13, 2020

Five Points Jazz Festival

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The day began with the excitement of knowing I would be working a very long day and I was prepared.  My gear meticulously chosen, cleaned and tested the day before, mostly based on ease of carrying for a 15 hour day.  I checked the weather app... rain in the forecast.  Damn.  Well, Colorado is unpredictable like that, at least it's not calling for snow like the year before.  Armed with rain ponchos for myself any my backpack, I made it to the parking lot where I was met by some of the volunteers.  I had been up all night, but the joy of seeing some good friends, hugs and fresh coffee made it all better.   Seriously, I look forward to this music festival every year - rain or shine.  I run into so many friends, listen to some great music and make new connections.  And did I mention I have a blast?  It doesn't even feel like working...

I was contracted by The City of Denver Arts & Venues to document the day and every year I do my best to showcase their hard work in putting this tremendous effort together for one day of community sharing.  It is truly my favorite event of the year.  

Instead of trying to describe with words what I saw, here are the photos I took during the day.  Right at the beginning of the parade, it started to rain.  No big deal, right?  Well, tiny photographer, big backpack and a carelessly thrown french fry on slick asphalt don't mix.  I almost took a faceplant but my knee saved the day.  I still have the scar a year later.  Did that slow me down?  Nope - adrenaline and a little EMT care made sure I was up on my feet all day.  Thank you, that would have been a bummer.

So, here is the day - look at those clouds, and then look at those crowds.  Denver knows how to party in any kind of weather.  Hopefully, next year things will be back to "normal" and I will be able to see everyone in person again, in great health and great spirit, sharing the happiness that comes from this community.


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