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November 04, 2018


I love this family with all my heart.  When I first met Kitty and Michael, about a decade ago, I knew they were special.  I knew them both from the music scene in Denver, as Michael is a renowned DJ and Kitty an accomplished musician, but really started to appreciate their friendship when I first photographed them for The Love Project.  The way they looked at each other... wow, what movies are made of.  

Fast forward 9 years and life happened.  To all of us.  But we kept a close friendship through it all.  From photographing Kitty's band at Red Rocks

to all the major life events, we always kept close.

And when I moved back to Colorado, I just couldn't wait to see them again, and meet the new addition to this family, Julian.

So, when they invited me to spend a day with them to document life as it is today, I jumped at the chance.   Of course, I am not really a "family photographer" but that's what they wanted - real life, instants that depict what family means to them, how the daily moments get often overlooked in the routine.  But it was all brand new to me.  And, camera in hand, I spent some of the most rewarding hours I can live - as a photographer and as a friend.

Here are snippets of their family life.  

I am forever grateful to photography for allowing me to live a life making memories for people. 

And I'm forever grateful for friendships that last a lifetime...

In Gratitude, 



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