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March 18, 2013

Behind The Scenes

This past weekend I did an interview for a magazine feature on music photographers.  I was asked to provide some of my favorite shots, which made me think about all the hours I spend with the performers before and after the show.   Yes, I love to take photos of them on stage during the actual concert, but my "favorites"?  Definitely the ones I capture when it's just a few of us, during soundcheck, or traveling - you get to know the person, not the persona.  I always try to take a photo that tells the story on a human level, showing the real person behind the lights, make up, stage presence.  These are the moments I cherish.

Citizen Cope
Chad Gracey, LIVE
There are many, many more.  Most of which I keep just for myself to remind me of how success comes with hard work and dedication, but I hope you enjoyed these. xoxo

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