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March 25, 2013

Out of the Box

When I was asked to help promote the campaign for, I jumped at the chance. The devastation of Colorado's forests due to a tiny beetle infestation has been incredible. The news of the Colorado forest fires, fueled to unstoppable conditions by the dead lumber, reached homes all over the world. This is my backyard, of course I couldn't look the other way. 

Last Summer, I partnered up with Chuck Leavell to promote the campaign and was asked to photograph Colorado musicians "my way" - not having any creative restrictions for an ad campaign is like winning the lottery.  Seriously.  Kid in a candy store.  

My right brain often gets lost in some pretty "out of the box" promos, but I'm usually restricted by budget constraints, crew needs and logistics, and need to produce something that appeals to the taste of the masses.  Which pretty much puts a damper on creativity.  But this shoot?  "Whatever you need, we'll make it happen, just do your thing" - these words are pure gold to my right brain.  GOLD.  So, red tape to shoot on an island in the middle of Lake Dillon?  Lifted.  Boats to transport set, talent and crew?  Done.  Coffee?  Plenty.  Friends to make it all happen in one day?  Of course.  Colorado weather cooperating until the last shot and then letting the biggest storm of the Summer loose?  Check.  Me, soaked to the core, trying to protect my gear from being pelted by hail?  Biggest smile on my face.

Here's the beautiful Maria Kohler in a few samples of my work for Sing 4 The Trees.


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