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March 06, 2013

CCP - Chad, Chad, Patrick

One of my objectives during this trip to York was to photograph each member of the band LIVE "my way" - black and white, natural light, somewhere that meant a lot to the guys.  Decided that the  building they are renovating was the perfect backdrop for these portraits.  Although still under construction, I couldn't help myself, would you look at these windows?

Light, light, light!  But also cold, cold, cold!  Which meant I needed to work super fast and pray for my equipment to not malfunction.  Cold weather and digital Nikons are not best friends.  So, was not going to risk missing the shot and brought all my cameras.   Ended up working with a film one (trusty F3HP and Ilford film) and a digital one (D3S).  Wonder which ones made the cut?  

Chad Gracey
Chad Taylor
Patrick Dahlheimer
And yes, things got a little silly, photobomb courtesy of Chad Taylor.  I love these guys.



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